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Anna is one half of the husband and wife team that is Spinspired.  Spinspired produces a wide range of fibre related materials and equipment, from hand washed and carded fleece, hand dyed/spun yarns and threads, exclusive knitting patterns/kits, garments and accessories, to hand crafted tapestry looms, peg looms, blending boards and drop spindles. Spinspired also offers workshops and demonstrations for individuals and groups to learn a wide variety of fibre and textile based skills and crafts.

Anna has been designing and creating textiles since her early teens. Her main influences are from nature, and she is passionate about using natural fibres and fabrics in my designs. She particularly enjoys bringing together the wide variety of skills and techniques she have developed over years of experimentation and practical application.

There are two workshops on offer at this year's Festiwool, Beginning Weaving, and Drop Spindle Spinning.