Spotlight on

The Studio at Number 30 

In the last 7 years Kaye has been involved in teaching children sewing and creative textiles in local primary and secondary schools as well as privately at home. She is passionate about passing on the skills of sewing to the next generation. Sewing is good for children in so many ways. It is an important lifeskill which teaches fine motor skills, dexterity, patience, bulids confidence and provides a social outlet to make new friends! 

Kaye's reputation has expanded recently and she has grown out of my old space. She now has a brand new shiny studio which allows her to teach more students, including adults.

Sue Stratford Designs

Sue has also become a successful author for Search Press with titles such as Mini Knitted ChristmasKnitted Meerkats and Merry Christmas Sweaters, amongst others.

As well as having a keen eye for designing cute knitted animals with incredible character and appeal, Sue branched out to create iconic Christmas sweaters which are being used to promote Save The Childrens' 'Make the World Better with a Sweater' campaign. 

Patricia Harris