Spotlight on Exhibitors

Wendy's Yarn Bowls

I have been a potter for nearly 30 years and the last 4 years I've been making yarn bowls to sell at woolly shows.  I throw the bowls on the potter's wheel and when they have dried a bit I trim the base and then cut the slot and holes.  As I am a knitter I like to think I know what is needed in a yarn bowl. I make them deep enough for a good sized ball and always make sure they are lovely and smooth so they don't snag the yarn. I find I'm thinking of new designs all the time, I've recently added small holes to the bowl to attach stitch marker rings to hold stitch markers to the bowl. I make lidded bowls, doubles and recently a triple bowl. These are good for holding multiple balls of yarn.

My Sea houses bowls are inspired by my visits to our coast and the quirky sea side houses that can be seen. I love the free painting and the use of ceramic wax crayons to outline the houses. They all have a row of bunting around the top.

Recently I've added shawl pins to my range and ceramic buttons.

I love making useful items for knitters and always have lovely feedback from happy customers!

Patricia Harris