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Lola Johnson

Lola Johnson

Meet Lola , owner of Third Vault Yarns, a firm believer in being a fearless knitter and trying new techniques; after all a mistake is never the end of the world, it can always be fixed! 

Lola has been knitting for the past 5 years in earnest but for 15 years on and off. It was her inability to stop crafting and stop challenging herself that led Lola into knitting design and dyeing yarn, and she wouldn't change it for the world.


Lola will be running a workshop at Festiwool this year. She will cover the different methods of short rows and how to use them. Short rows are a fantastic technique that can be used to create design features, provide shaping and give structure to knitted items, from accessories and toys, to garments. She'll be showing you how to incorporate them into your knitted projects and helping you to establish your favourite method, whilst also teaching you the tricks of how to substitute it for the method the pattern suggests.

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