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supplies hand washed and carded fleece for spinning, felting and other textile crafts. Anna sources fleeces from local flocks whenever possible and she lucky enough to live in an area where various breeds are kept, including rare breeds and alpacas.

Raw fleeces are carefully cleaned, washed and carded before being packaged for sale or spun. Spinspired yarns are hand spun by Anna, unless otherwise stated. She also hand dyes commercial yarns. 

Spinspired knitted items are hand crafted, using both hand spun and commercially produced yarns (always stated in the item description) and, like Anna's yarns, are unique.

Sheep on Mars 

Natasha's love of wool began when she started spinning. That led her into hand-dyeing which became such a passion that she gave up her job in IT to set up Sheep On Mars. As well as spending most days dyeing yarn and sheep locks, she also finds time to use her dyed locks in her felted products such as shawls, scarves and hats. Natasha loves to create new things and is always looking to develop new products especially ones that incorporate her hand-dyed sheep locks.

When he's not doing his day job in artificial intelligence, Nick supports his wife Natasha in the running of Sheep On Mars. He's by her side when they go selling at wool festivals around the country and is often driving up narrow tracks in the countryside to find farms where they buy beautiful fleeces straight from the sheep's back! It was Nick who came up with the name "Sheep On Mars" after Natasha asked him to think of names that are different and memorable. Nick also helps with the accounts, with marketing and with this website.

Patricia Harris