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Willow Knits

 is a small family business based in Enfield, Middlesex, but with customers worldwide.

Willow Knits dyes its own ranges of silk yarns for the hand knitter and crocheter and also offers a range of top quality hand knitted scarves, unusual knitted cushions, a beautiful baby shawl, accessories plus Willow Knits' famous tea cosies.

Unique Yarns

As a family, Unique Yarns has been producing yarns for the fashion industry for many years. At Unique Yarns Co., we use special dying methods developed in-house together with unusual dyes from around the world. Like this, we are able to produce yarns unlike anything else available.

Our most recent yarn collection is entirely dyed with natural mineral pigments, as examples using graphite to produce an Earthy grey, lazurite rich earth to make bright ultramarine blue and gold ochre for yellow. This is how classical painters would produce color on canvas before the invention of chemical dyes.

Other visual and tactile effects include suede, leather, rubber, denim, metallized, crayon, sidereal… all effects applied on the best quality wool, cotton and cashmere.



Patricia Harris