Bags, bags, and more bags

There is more exciting bag news to share.


 At Festiwool, Helen, of Woolly Chic,  will have with her Patricia of Posh Knits'  pattern for a new bag design. It showcases perfectly Woolly Chic's Katia Fair Cotton. Helen will also have a selection of bag handles for sale.

The pattern is also available on Ravelry





This lovely little seamless, lined,  bag makes a perfect project bag.  Helen is crocheting a shawl at the moment and with the ball wound, placed into the bag, and the bag popped over her arm, she is able to crochet whilst standing, or even walking along!  Helen can see many advantages of this!




Patricia of Posh Knits (Hesadevil on Ravelry) will also be at Festiwool, with a selection of hand-made Petite Patricia bags for sale - some are very Posh indeed. 

You can place also an order for a custom-made bag, in yarn of your choice.

Patricia Harris