Designed for Festiwool by Bonny Bonafilla

Festibear was inspired by a large ball of tweedy wool and a small boy who
was very put out by the number of girly toys Bonny had been designing.  The
squidgy wool was calling out to be made into a squidgy bear, and, let¹s face
it, nothing could be more universally appealing for boys and girls alike
than a traditional knitted teddy bear.

Festiwool, occurring as it does at the beginning of November when the nights are drawing in and we¹re about to embark on the long schlep through to Christmas, seemed the perfect time of the year to bring a new Ted into existence. Festibear would make a lovely present or stocking filler, and is guaranteed to become the perfect cuddle partner.

Bonny's pattern for Festibear will be available, free, in the first edition of the Festiwool magazine. In addition to Festibear, there will be an exlusive pattern from both Woolly Chic, and Sue Stratford, articles by Beaker Buttons (and others), the full list of Festiwool 2017 exhibitors, and much, much more. Festiwool magazine will be on Sale from mid-September, and will be available for purchase at the event.





Joel Ide