Velvet Sixpence


I've always loved sheep, and I've always knitted. I started out on Etsy purely as a buyer of exquisite yarn. Then it sucked me in, and I took up spinning in order to be able to buy all the beautiful fluff on offer. Eventually I decided I just had to join in!

My shop opened in October 2012. I'd just finished a big quilting project and wanted to sell off my excess fabric. Between then and April 2014 I expanded slightly into making and selling hand knitted hats and other accessories, but mostly let the shop lie idle.

Then in April I made a momentous decision to take up dyeing yarn and fibre, I also started blending and carding bats to sell, and the first incarnation of Vittoria Segreta as a dye studio, with all its woolly goodness, came into being.

In 2017, I decided it was time to try to expand the business a little, and go out in public. This meant changing my name to one that I was more confident saying out loud. I love fibre that is velvety soft, and I started this business with just £60, which (slightly tenuously) led me to my new identity - Velvet Sixpence.

I trained in Chemistry, and so spending my time mixing lots of coloured liquids together whilst wearing protective clothing comes naturally to me and I absolutely love it. It's one of the best creative outlets I've found for myself - it's like being a painter, except that you don't have to be able to draw!

My only real lifetime ambition is to one day keep my own sheep.