Festiwool supports local school children


Camps International Fund Raising

Can't wait to get home to wind that perfect skein of yarn you just bought? Look for the willing volunteers, throughout the day at Festiwool 2017. They will be waiting to wind your yarn for you. A donation to the Camps International fund raising appeal is all that's required.

Festiwool is supporting a group of local school children in their fundraising for a month long visit to Tanzania in early summer 2018. They are traveling with the charity Camps International who are a social enterprise operating on a global scale. Their common goal is to educate in poverty stricken areas around the globe. Each group will assist in educating children, supporting infrastructure e.g. building schools, and imparting knowledge of how to prosper without wilful damage to the environment or wildlife.

Tanzania is losing its Elephant population to ivory poachers. Camps International and the supporting school children will also be working to bring an end to this unnecessary slaughter and protect the Elephants for future generations.  


Patricia Harris