Spotlight on

Third Vault Yarns 

inspired by Sci fi and fantasy, board games and books.


Lola sources her bases here in the UK where she is based. She hopes to eventually transition to having her yarns spun for her in the UK. Lola believes in supporting local businesses and organisations so, where possible, she always source local; that includesdyes and other materials. 

Lola uses professional dyes to create her limited edition colourways and often come back to some favourites. As a result you won't always see the same colourways in the store, so if you fall in love with something it's best to get it there and then. She will occasionally do some custom dyes, so look out for those because they will be few and far between.

Textile Garden 


Regardless of whether you've spent time knitting or sewing a garment or just want to enliven a ready made, fastenings can make or break the overall appearance. 

 Textile Garden began eight years ago and, in that time, it has given her an excuse to indulge in sourcing and buying things she likes.  As a result, she has met so many lovely people worldwide, customers, fellow traders and producers, many have become friends.

Wherever possible she tries to work with small factories who are willing to custom-make, change colours and other details for her. These companies willingly show her around their factories, so that she can see how items are made. She gets to meet not only the person who handles the orders but also some of the skilful people who produce the items I sell.


Patricia Harris