Spotlight on

The Studio at Number 30

Kaye McGown

The love of sewing and all things handmade is something that Kaye had from a very early age. Even as a small child her favourite toy was her Mum's old button tin! She grew up in a very creative family. With her three sisters she would spend many happy hours making clothes for their dolls, creating costumes and putting on shows for their parents. Her Grandmother was a seamstress and a milliner and at the age of 5 she taught Kaye how to use a sewing machine, a simple hand-powered Singer, which she still uses today and features in her logo.

Kaye's love of dressmaking grew and she made clothes for herself, wedding dresses for friends and a christening gown for her godson. Years later, having trained as a lecturer, travelled the world and had two children of her own, she is still happiest when she is making or crafting something.

Kaye will be presenting  workshop at Festiwool for the second year running. This year, she invites you to Make an Orla Keily Washbag.

Patricia Harris