80 Skeins


80 Skeins is an online shop. It’s a child of my 2 passions – yarn and cakes. Originally I started it with a small (but fine) selection of multicoloured yarn cakes, giving them all sweet names. With time I decided to expand my offer, adding the linen, hand dyed wool and Latvian unique Dundaga. The collection of this wool is a centre of my shop now, and a thing I am most proud of.

80 Skeins supply…

  • Linen

  • Hand Dyed Wool

  • Dundaga Wool

  • Mohair

  • Accessories

  • Cotton Yarn Cakes

  • Wool Yarn Cakes

  • Acrylic Yarn Cakes

web 80skeins.co.uk
email atw80skeins@gmail.com
telephone 07784 947283
instagram @80skeins_yarnshop
facebook @80skeinsyarnshop